Vander Weide Van Bragt

Vander Weide Van Bragt

Vander Weide Van Bragt B.V. is an engineering firm specialised in designing, calculating and detailing concrete, steel and wood structures and other parts of a structure subject to a static or dynamic load.

We deliver economically sound advice and designs through a project-based approach and working method. We design, calculate and detail structures for all kinds of residential and utility buildings.

We also consult on renovations, historical buildings and building damage. We strive to earn our worth as an advisor through added value by thinking along with and working for our clients in a planned manner while taking all design disciplines into account.

General, our firm uses:

BIM (Building Information Modelling), a digital representation of all physical and functional aspects of a building. A BIM model is a shared knowledge resource or file with information about the building that serves as a reliable foundation for decisions throughout the building’s life cycle.

Modern software such as Tekla, Revit, AutoCad, AxisVM, Technosoft, Scia en RSligR.


Siamak Khebreh
Director / owner
Ir. Frank Krijnen
Deputy director
Sylvia Voogdt
Ing. Wim van Bragt
Management consultant
Ing. Pierre Tillmans
Structural engineer
Paul Roumen
Structural engineer
Ing. Marcel Laveaux
Structural engineer
Ing. Erik Rotering
Structural engineer
Peter Engels
Structural BIM modeller
Sharmee Ravichandramoorthy
Structural draftsman
Bas Rossel
Structural BIM modeller
John Sniekers
Structural modeller
Ing. Patrick van Helden
Structural engineer
Ing. John Jans-Beken
Registered structural engineer