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SKS Development B.V.

SKS Development B.V., is a project developer, with years of experience in the construction industry, that acquires, develops and builds beautiful acquires, develops and builds beautiful projects and sells or rents them.

Our ambition is to provide each target group with as much customization as possible by always offering innovative
quality and sustainable solutions.

In addition to being project developers, we act as investors.

Within our firm, we use:

BIM (Building Information Modelling) a digital representation of all the physical and functional characteristics of a building. A BIM model is a shared knowledge source or file of information about the building that serves as a reliable basis for making decisions throughout the building’s life cycle.

Modern software such as; Tekla, Revit, AutoCad, AxisVM, Technosoft, Scia and RSligR.


Siamak Khebreh
Directeur / eigenaar
Ir. Ben Klemann
Technisch directeur
Ing. Dirk Derikx
Technisch directeur BE
Marleen Helwegen
Office manager
Sandra Severens
Management assistente & administratie
Ing. Edwin Bovend’eerdt
Constructeur & project manager
Huub Schreurs
Constructeur & tekenaar
Ivo Geurts
Bouwkundig ingenieur & ontwerper
Ir. Jan Meijer
Bouwkundig ingenieur & ontwerper
Perry Bouten
Coördinator & Constructief tekenaar
Frits van Casteren
Constructief / bouwkundig tekenaar
Bas van den Beuken
Constructief tekenaar
Ir. Yvo Dütz
Constructief tekenaar
Kevin van der Loo
Constructief tekenaar
Ing. Roel Meulendijks
Constructief tekenaar
Michel Moors
Constructief tekenaar & ICT
Ing. Frank Terstappen
Constructief / bouwkundig tekenaar
Marlon Victoria
Constructief tekenaar
Roel Bouten
Wim Smeets
Management adviseur